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Welcome to the home of the next generation PROMIS software - PROMIS 2012, the most exciting technology of the year for Head Start!

The PROMIS team here at Cleverex has consolidated everything about  the PROMIS (Program Resources and Outcomes Management Information System) software and related services into this easy to access portal website. It is the place for Head Start agencies to:PROMIS is great!

  • Learn about PROMIS 2012.
  • Sign up to use PROMIS.
  • Access PROMIS.
  • Find training opportunities for PROMIS.
  • Get support services for PROMIS.
  • Share best practices with other agencies around the country.

PROMIS is an Internet-based case management system for Head Start organizations. PROMIS 2012 is the latest edition of a long lasting product line for Head Start that dates back to 1993. This cutting edge solution covers the complete service cycle and outcome analysis including: (1) Client Intake; (2) Screening and Assessment; (3) Goals Establishment; (4) Service Plan; (5) Service Delivery; (6) Outcome; (7) Analytics; and (8) Compliance.

Using state of the art technology, PROMIS offers an extensive set of productivity tools including real time PIR, calendaring, analytics dashboarding, data navigator, and built-in letter designer.

Through the use of Internet technologies and a development approach built on business process reengineering and extensive user involvement, PROMIS improves client service by reducing paperwork, automating policies and procedures, and integrating the service delivery system within Head Start agencies.

It takes no time to get PROMIS up and running for a new agency. What is needed at the agency end is a PC that connects to the Internet. We take care of everything else, including security, nightly database backup, version upgrade and all other hardware maintenance. When you need help, our all-star rated help desk support team is just a phone call or email away.

Want to find out more information about PROMIS? -- Call us at 1-800-473-4780 or send an email to